web workshop named after
baron saytoverstausen

Order a landing page with SEO optimization and advertising promotion. As well as updating and making changes to sites using technologies: HTML, CSS, JS.

web workshop after named baron saytoverstausen




web workshop named after baorn saytoverstausen

This is not a joke! We met on the Internet. With one obsession: to raise money, it is unthinkable to get rich or to earn so much money that it is enough to buy a one-way plane ticket and with the words “goodbye poverty.” And become respected emigrants, but not a “churka”.

And for this you need to create a super chic website, lightweight and SEO optimized, using the most modern technologies and also so that the “technologies (modern)” are working and accessible to everyone. Therefore it is: html, css, js, nodejs, php, mysql. CSS3 and HTML5 are better when without libraries and frameworks, because they all grow from what already exists, then they are forgotten and again in a circle. But html, css, js remain.

If you need to edit a site or make even minor changes to it, then using framework technology, you need to: compile a new site or look for its saved version before copying, but this is not always possible. Few people care about backing up the site before compiling it. And here's a surprise: editing an already compiled site is "not realistic."

Our services

Main activities of the web workshop


web workshop named after baron saytoverstausen

Creating a website based on a figma layout, using simple and accessible HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technologies.

SEO optimization

web workshop named after baron saytoverstausen

SEO site optimization using: semantic tags, structured data markup, good photographs (real ones).


web workshop named after baron saytoverstausen

Launching contextual advertising, collecting keywords, creating a semantic core.

Example webpage

this site could be yours

JS Gallary

simple gallary from js here

our goals

super chic site like a dream

Blow up the Internet.

The Internet is a very explosive thing, and as the old saying goes: “matches are not a toy for children.”

Promotions and offer

Hurry up to grab yourself

Russian ship

Order a website and with each site a free person becomes even freer.

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