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Amir web developer
Amir Navrutdinov



Node.js , JavaScript , English(beginner), googlovost', ES6, HTML, Linux, SQL, HTML5, Git, AngularJS, React, ssh, Ajax, MySQL, CSS3, Ubuntu, contextual advertising, SEO

I am writing a comment system on the website “Web Workshop named after Baron Sajtoverstauzen”, I plan to create a working website with the ability to easily register and identify the comment system for any site by ID. Now this comment system is also built into any website, but registration is not yet ready due to the difficulty of combining the database with express passport on the express.js framework with records in the mysql database. The comment system can be seen by typing “Web Workshop named after Baron Sajtoverstauzen” in the search.


Skills lvl





Photoshop (Gimp)

the photo

Linux "ubuntu"

Linux "bash"




Ajax, fetch, XMLHttpRequest,





certificate php

certificate html

certificate javascript

certificate css

certificate angular

frontend developer
frontend developer in tusur

The main courses that helped are lessons from an Indian on YouTube

Soft skills


Communication skills. The ability to negotiate with other people, work in a team, and argue your position. Leadership qualities and emotional intelligence - the ability to understand other people's feelings and control your own. Self-organization skills. Ability to effectively organize your work and manage time wisely. Creative skills. The ability to think outside the box. Ability to work with information. Search and analyze, draw conclusions. Search for information on the Internet or ask complex questions on stackoverflow. Stress resistance. Maintain functionality. High stress resistance.


November 2021 — March 2022 5-months
Яндекс Information technology, system integration, Internet • Internet company (search engines, payment systems, social networks, information, educational and entertainment resources, website promotion, etc.) 5th category assessor I was doing useless and completely unpaid nonsense, but for Moscow this is money, whereas for a real Russian person this “Moscow money” is not money that is valued only in Moscow because of the great Moscow poverty. Damn Moscow, follow the warship!
August 2021 — October 2021 3-months
Яндекс Москва, Information technology, system integration, Internet • Internet company (search engines, payment systems, social networks, informational, educational and entertainment resources, website promotion and other) Operator category 5 I tried to get a job because there is no paid work in Tomsk. There is every one, but it’s paid no, and all because of the filthy, finished Moscow (rat bunch of war criminals of the third Reich), Moscow as a dwarf mini state, reduced, mini compact. Bunker type.
February 2020 — June 2020 5-months
Biliton SEO specialist semantic adaptive layout, structured data, semantic tags, title, description.
2020 - until today
self-employed I am writing a website "web workshop named after Baron Sajtoverstauzen", a comment system that can be tested on the site here and full site